Wolf Pack: This is how you see the new series and “Teen Wolf: The Movie” in Germany in the stream


“Teen Wolf” fans can be happy, because “Teen Wolf: The Movie” and the new series “Wolf Pack” have been released by Paramount + – just not in Germany. Netzwelt reveals how you can still stream them.

"Teen Wolf: The Movie" and "Wolf Pack"

“Teen Wolf: The Movie” and “Wolf Pack” (Source: Themoviedb.org/Collage: Netzwelt)

  • Not only is a new film continuing the story of “Teen Wolf”, there is also a fresh spin-off.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in “Wolf Pack.”
  • The film and the new series haven’t started in Germany yet, but you can already see them!

It has been almost 6 years since the last episode of “Teen Wolf” aired. Now the story continues – and in a double pack! While Teen Wolf: The Movie continues the storyline of the series, Wolf Pack is a new spin-off series starring Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Both the film and the series are in-house produced by Paramount+ and are exclusive to the streaming service. In Germany, however, one is currently still empty-handed, in this country no official date is known.

Still, you don’t have to wait any longer for Wolf Pack or Teen Wolf: The Movie. Netzwelt shows you how you can already stream both titles on Paramount+!

Stream “Wolf Pack” and “Teen Wolf: The Movie” in Germany now

With a VPN service, it is possible for you to use the international offerings of numerous streaming services – including Paramount+. With a server from Canada, you bypass the streaming service’s country block and can already stream “Wolf Pack” and “Teen Wolf: The Movie” on Paramount +.

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However, you still have to do without a German soundtrack, the lack of synchronization is certainly also the reason for the delayed release in Germany. Until we get to see both titles in the local Paramount+ program, the VPN detour is the best solution.

Stream “Wolf Pack” and “Teen Wolf: The Movie” on Netflix, Amazon and Co

You can currently see the “Teen Wolf” series in Germany on Amazon Prime Video’s MGM channel. However, “Teen Wolf: The Movie” and “Wolf Pack” will not be shown on other streaming services as productions of Paramount +, unless Paramount one day sells the rights to the competition.

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