Wolfgang Stumph: For "Stubbe" he is shooting again with daughter Stephanie

Wolfgang Stumph is currently in front of the camera for the crime series "Stubbe" with his daughter Stephanie, who is returning after eight years.

Wolfgang Stumph (74, "Salto Postale") returns in his role as cult commissioner "Stubbe". The ZDF has announced that the filming of a new thriller with the working title "Abendlicht" is currently taking place in Dresden. At Wolfgang Stumph's side is his daughter Stephanie (36), who returns to the series after an eight-year break. The two play father and daughter.

That's what the new "Stubbe" case is about

Stubbe (Wolfgang Stumph) cannot remain idle even after retirement and is involved in a new case through the journalistic work of his daughter Christiane (Stephanie Stumph). This researches in the area of ​​the Dresden nursing service "Abendlicht" and infiltrates there as an intern. While Stubbe spends time with his granddaughter Caroline (Greta Casalo), Christiane's research is becoming more and more dangerous. Your undercover mission threatens to be exposed.

Other roles include Heike Trinker (59), Stephan Grossmann (48), Christine Schorn (76), Patrick Güldenberg (41), Oliver Mommsen (51), Sebastian Urzendowsky (35) and Tessa Mittelstädt (46). Filming is scheduled to continue until August 13, 2020 and will take place in Dresden and Hamburg. According to ZDF, there is not yet a broadcast date for the Saturday thriller.

A total of 50 episodes and for around 18 years Wolfgang Stumph was seen on TV as Commissioner Stubbe in the ZDF series "Stubbe – From case to case". The last edition was broadcast in 2014. In 2018 the surprising comeback in the special "Stubbe – Death on the Island" followed. However, without Stubbe's daughter "Chrissy". Stephanie Stumph began her acting career in 1995 with the "Stubbe" series.