Woman is reported – accident: Alko driver did not have a driver’s license

Nothing good is blooming for a 48-year-old Wolfsberger woman. It came off the road in a curve around 5 p.m. on Tuesday and caused an accident. The driver was under the influence of alcohol …

The accident took place on Gemmersdorfer Landesstraße (L 149) in the Wolfsberg district. Coming from the direction of Eitweg, the driver came off the road in a left curve and touched a delineator. The car then overturned to the right and remained in the ditch. Drunk and without a driver’s license A total of 35 volunteers from the St. Stefan, Wolfsberg, Reideben and Eitweg volunteer fire brigades rescued the woman from the vehicle. She was injured to an indefinite degree. “An alcohol test showed that the driver was severely drunk,” reports the police: “In addition, the woman does not have a valid driver’s license!”
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