Woman was released – the hospital employee ignored the corona quarantine

Across Austria, reports are currently increasing that also show employees from clinics at corona demonstrations. They defend themselves against corona measures and, among other things, protest against the compulsory vaccination. As a result, employees from retirement homes in Linz even lost their jobs. The same fate now befell an employee from the Lower Austrian regional hospital in Scheibbs. The “Krone” is in the explosive case.

The visit of several employees from Linz old people’s homes to the Corona demonstration in Vienna caused a lot of stir last week. During the protest march, they held a banner that read “Senior Centers Linz say no to mandatory vaccinations.” A circumstance that would later cost them their job. “If personal opinions are conveyed in a way that appeals to the employer, that is definitely not acceptable,” said Seniorenzentren Linz GmbH. The three affected demonstrators were all fired! A no less explosive case has now happened to an employee of the state hospital in Scheibbs. Employee dismissed after violation According to internal rumors, she also walked at the large corona demonstration in Vienna. The problem with the matter: She was definitely seen in Vienna on the said Saturday, but actually should have been in quarantine as contact person K1. “Whenever the management of a location is informed of this, a clarifying discussion with the respective employees is sought. The facts are always carefully examined before legal measures are taken into consideration, “it says in a statement from the State Health Agency. Others endangered. The” Krone “knows: The rule violation was discovered and the employee has meanwhile lost her job! The vaccination status of those affected is unknown. It is not known whether the ex-employee infected herself with the virus and infected someone on her “excursion”. But she always put other people at risk.
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