Women referees and in-match music: what’s new in FIFA 23 on the pitch

As we had already noticed when taking the game in hand in July, the lawn itself has benefited from many visual improvements on next-gen consoles, with a rather impressive rendering, which deteriorates in an ever more authentic way on sliding tackles or goal celebrations. We owe it to the multiplication of shaders and the presence of a new degradation engine, not to mention better management of brightness and particle effects. The same goes for real-time net management and deformations, the kind of little details that will put more light on powerful strikes – another standout new feature in this pitch-side edition. Moreover, the replays of shots or free kicks will be embellished with augmented reality overlays to give players more and more additional information.

Like almost every season, the pre-match sequences will be reviewed and corrected both outside the stadium and in the stands, to offer more variety and behavior. The visual design will also be up to date to accompany the presence of the two women’s leagues on either side of the Channel, but also for everything related to Serie A. As for the sound environment, it will be possible to leave the band -his licensed EA Trax instead of comments during the match – we are also told about the return of hymns and pre-match chants for the next World Cups. Finally, in addition to female referees, there will also be diversity with the presence of mixed teams in FUT and the Pro Clubs mode, which EA will no doubt come back to very soon.

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