Women’s favorite porns

For erotic films, women have different preferences than men. The site Pornhub gives deep insights on what women in Germany stand for.

Porn is not the same nonsense and certainly no reason to be ashamed – this understanding has long been shared by many women. But we already have other preferences regarding the topic of fantasy-inspiring films: This is shown by the statistics of the Pornhub site.

Pornhub brings out regular numbers, dates and annual reviews of a different kind . For example, the site owners show the search volume for certain genres and practices – differentiated by nationality or gender.

Yes, and what do German women want to look like?

Women in Germany, therefore, 2017 especially prepared a wet panties: German .

Huh? Well, not the German lesson with the strict teacher is meant. But the term “German” or “German” was the most typed by female users. It is clear: makes us somehow more if someone appeals to us, we also understand.

It gets really exciting with the other popular search terms. Following:

  • Lesbian
  • Gangbang
  • massage
  • teenager
  • Hentai

Oho. (Stop, what was hentai again?) A quick look at the Wikipedia : So “is called outside the Japanese language area pornographic manga and anime.” Thank you – continue in the text.) Come (höhö) we the most popular categories. That would be:

  • Again, in first place: Lesbian! Lit up somehow.

Then it’s even more mixed. Since change the soft spot for something harder with the more gentle.

  • Anal
  • Female Friendly
  • Bondage
  • Hentai
  • teenager
  • Threesome
  • Big dick
  • Gangbang
  • Big tits

With all these categories, German women are on the same level internationally according to Pornhub.

And where are there differences?

Conspicuous, however: Compared to the rest of the world, women in Germany want to see porn from the category “fetish” 154% more often. And 95 percent of German women are more into “Bondage” videos than other nations. OK.

But what really surprises is that women like it harder than men! This shows the comparison of the sexes, based on Germany.

Namely, according to Pornhub, we want women to see “double penetration” 124 percent more often than our fellow countrymen . (The explanation I spare myself at this point.) Also, “Gangbang” (+114 percent), “Hardcorde” (+103 percent) and “Rough Sex” (+101 percent) women more often than men.

THESE pornos do not want to see women anymore

But there are also categories that are on the decline. According to Pornhub 2017, “babysitters” were no longer in vogue (-82 percent). Fewer women felt like sex in “school” (-74 percent) in 2017 as well. Back was also the demand for “cartoons” (-70 percent – probably all switched to hentai ?). Also (eaten) out: “Pussy licking” (-62 percent).