Women’s Rugby World Cup: “We took tanks in the face”, says the captain of the Bleues, Gaëlle Hermet

Gaëlle Hermet (captain of the XV of France): “It’s hard, it’s frustrating, we would have liked to go to the end. It was a big game: when you see the high level performance that came out tonight, whether it was the Black Ferns or us, it was a face of women’s rugby that was pleasant to see. We put them back in the game in the second half. We took tanks in the face, and we were a little less successful in countering their offensives. We suffered contacts, we missed a few tackles and that put them in the lead. It wasn’t a lack of aggressiveness or heart, because we had heart, it’s something that’s huge with us. We went through a weak period, a moment that we had in the match and which allowed them to revive. We are disappointed but from tomorrow, we will have to switch quickly because we have a third place to go for, which is important for this group because it deserves it”.

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