Women’s Tour de France: The sponsors stand apart

The Tour de France Femmes began, like its counterpart in the men, with mass falls. This shows that the nervousness is particularly great. There are more teams than men at the start, but the prize money is still modest.

Marianne Vos wins stage two of the inaugural Tour de France Femmes – she campaigned for the launch of the race.


Eddy Merckx is already on the side of the road in Provins and welcomes the peloton of the Tour de France women. However, it is not the real Eddy, a French fan slipped into an old cycling jersey with the Belgian’s name on it. “I just love Eddy Merckx. But now I also came out to see this women’s tour. You have to keep up with the times, »says the fan and waves to the accompanying cars, which are just shooting past on the circuit.

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