Wonder Man (Netflix): filming of the series on Bernard Tapie with Laurent Laffite will begin

The life of businessman Bernard Tapie, who died last October, will be the subject of Netflix’s new hexagonal series: Wonder man. Our fellow satellites are announcing the start of filming soon.

Last June, the announcement of a project series entitled Wonder man around the life of Bernard Tapie had made a lot of noise, especially since the actor Laurent Lafitte would play the Marseille businessman at heart (but born in Paris in the twentieth century). It was therefore an event in more than one way: not only because the personality of Bernard Tapie and his 1,000 lives foreshadowed a series full of twists and turns, that Netflix was going to broadcast it and that it was also the first leading role, in a series, of the resident of the Comédie Française. But we could have feared that the recent death of Bernard Tapie at the age of 78 would call this project into question. Obviously, it is not and today, things even seem to get carried away, since the site Satellifacts announces a shooting from March 7 and this for 17 weeks.

This project which did not have the approval of Bernard Tapie will be carried out by the son of one of his best friends

According to the professional information site, Wonder man will consist of six 45-minute episodes and will be performed by Tristan Séguéla (Doctor?), at the origin of the project with the producer Bruno Nahon (Mytho, So Be They, Louise Wimmer). The director will therefore find in front of the camera Laurent Lafitte, his actor of 16 years old or almost…, a very regressive comedy from 2013. At the moment, the other cast members have not yet been announced.

Shortly before his death, which occurred last fall, Bernard Tapie, had made a point of sharply signaling his disapproval with the frank talk that we knew him. During an interview with Var Matin, he also declared: “I was against it. He’s a friend’s son. Doing it without asking for my agreement in principle is not very good. There are things we don’t do. That there are documentaries is something else, but borrowing my name is a bit heavy“.

Indeed, remember that Tristan Séguéla, the director of Wonder man – the title being a play on words between the heroine Wonder woman and the Wonder company that Tapie bought back 1 symbolic franc to sell it for 10 million – is none other than the son of the famous advertiser: Jacques Seguela. Gold Jacques Seguela a longtime friend of Bernard Tapie. He regularly gave news of his friend who was battling cancer and even cracked live at the mention of his death and he had mostly played in Wonder ads, in the 1990s.

Laurent Laffite is at the origin of the project which dates back almost 10 years

If the businessman and former minister was not at all involved in the process of creating this series, it is somewhat the fruit of the work of Laurent Lafitte, or at least its resemblance to Bernard Tapie. Referring to their 2013 collaboration, on the film 16 years old or almost, Tristan Séguéla declared to the magazine Premiere: “The series was born in the dressing room of this film that I was shooting with Laurent. We both said to each other that he looked incredibly like Bernard Tapie. We thought about it at around the same time.

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