Wood is also becoming more expensive: heating costs are rising again drastically

Wood is also becoming more expensive
Heating costs rise again drastically

Rising energy prices are driving heating costs higher than they have been for years. This not only applies to gas, oil and electricity, wood pellets will soon also cost significantly more. However, the high prices often only become noticeable from next year. That could be a problem for many.

Last year, consumers had to pay significantly more for heating – this year heating costs will increase even more. “The costs for heating with gas, oil and electricity are rising particularly sharply, as the analysis shows”, said the non-profit consulting company co2online. Accordingly, the heating of an average 70 square meter apartment in an apartment building with natural gas and heating oil is likely to cost more than half – plus 67 percent for natural gas and plus 53 percent for oil. That would be at least 550 euros more per year for gas and almost 500 euros for oil. For 2021, co2online had already recorded cost increases of 20 percent (natural gas) and 51 percent (heating oil) for these two energy sources.

While the costs for wood pellets remained comparatively stable in 2021, according to the analysis, this energy source is also affected by significant price increases in the current year: heating with wood is expected to become more expensive by 54 percent and thus by around 310 euros per apartment on average. “Such a strong increase in heating costs has never been recorded since the heating mirror was first published in 2005,” said co2online managing director Tanja Loitz. “What is already a lot on average can be significantly more in individual cases,” added Loitz.

Big bills won’t come until 2023

For many households, the higher costs would only come with the billing in the coming year. “Households should adjust to this in good time and act accordingly.” According to the company, the basis for the analysis is more than 190,000 statements for the year 2021 as well as current price and weather data.

But the consulting company still sees far-reaching savings potential. “In an apartment with 70 square meters and gas central heating in an apartment building, the savings potential is on average 640 euros per year,” said co2online. 90 percent of all households still consumed too much heating energy. “Most people misjudge their consumption and the influence of even the smallest measures on the costs,” it said.

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