Work accident in Tyrol – foot trapped with a forklift: man seriously injured

Serious accident at work on St. Mary’s Day in Tyrol! In Pians (Landeck district) a Croatian leasing worker (50) wedged his foot between an iron rail and a forklift in the cold room of a company. Despite wearing safety shoes, the worker suffered serious injuries.

According to the police, the accident happened around 10 a.m. The 50-year-old carried out work with an electrically powered forklift in a company in Pians. “When he was backing up in a cold store, he got his right foot trapped between a round iron rail near the floor and the forklift truck,” the investigators said. Despite safety shoes injured, although the worker was wearing the mandatory ankle-high safety shoes, he sustained serious injuries. The 50-year-old had to be taken to the Zams hospital with the rescue.
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