World Cup 2022: rejection of the French appeal against the score of Tunisia-France

Fifa announced on Monday that it was rejecting the complaint filed last Thursday by the French Football Federation (FFF) to change the score of Tunisia-France (1-0) at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after the cancellation, after the coup final whistle, a goal from Antoine Griezmann. “Fifa’s Disciplinary Committee has rejected the complaint submitted by the French Football Federation in connection with the Tunisia-France World Cup match played on November 30,” the body wrote in a short statement, without revealing the details. reasons for this rejection.

The France team, beaten last Wednesday in this game without much stake at the Education City stadium in Doha, had expressed doubts about the use of video assistance to arbitration (VAR) to cancel out a goal from Griezmann at 90th+8.

Changing the result of the match would have been without consequence

In its complaint to Fifa, France noted that the VAR was used “after the resumption of play and after the end of the match”, which is contrary to the protocol for the use of this technology, according to the explanation of a federal source. A modification of the final result would in any case have changed nothing in the Group D standings: Tunisia were eliminated in both cases and France qualified to face Poland, whom they beat 3-1 on Sunday in the round of 16. final to qualify for the quarter-finals, where they will face England next Saturday.

On the other hand, the FFF could consider itself aggrieved concerning the FIFA world ranking: the defeat against Tunisia will cause France to lose around 38 points, which will place it under threat from England, fifth in the ranking before the Global. A draw would have been more advantageous for this classification used to designate the seeds of several international competitions.

No financial impact the French Football Federation

Regarding financial allocations, the impact of a defeat is nil for the Federation. The qualification in the round of 16 brought in $ 13 million, regardless of the ranking and the number of victories, according to the scales of Fifa.

According to the protocol of the video assistance consulted by AFP, “if the game has resumed after having been stopped, the referee cannot carry out an analysis except in the event of erroneous identity or in the event of an offense liable to exclusion such as violent behavior, spitting, biting, and/or hurtful, rude or offensive words or acts”.

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