World Cup 2022: what are the new rules valid for the competition?

Jean-Baptiste Sarrazin
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06:20, November 25, 2022

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is an opportunity for FIFA to test new rules, particularly in digital terms. Semi-automatic offside, ball connected but also concussion and additional time protocol, overview of the new regulations valid during the competition.

To avoid refereeing errors as much as possible and reduce controversy during and after matches, FIFA has decided to use new technologies during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Among them, the “semi-automatic offside”, a tool already tested during the FIFA Arab Cup in 2021 and during the Club World Cup in 2022.

This technology can establish the position of the players and the ball at any time to detect an offside position or not. No less than 12 cameras were placed high up, in the stands or on the roofs of the stadiums. These can check up to 29 data points per player 50 times per second. Thanks to this tool, it is now possible to determine when the pass was made and therefore to inform the referee.

A connected balloon

Note that the referee is informed of the machine’s decision via his assistant. He can then validate or invalidate it. This tool therefore does not replace the final decision of the refereeing body but helps the referee to make his decision.

In addition to this “revolutionary” tool, the field referee has another precious help: Al Rihla. It is not a human being, but the official ball of the 2022 World Cup. The latter is connected with a sensor to detect the exact moment when the ball has been played. It is therefore thanks to this connected ball that the semi-automatic offside technology will be applicable. Undoubtedly, technology is interfering more and more in the world of sport.

Changes and concussion protocol

On the sporting level, FIFA has decided to maintain the five changes per team and per match. A rule that has appeared since the Covid-19. A sixth substitution is also authorized in the event of an extension. In addition, the International Football Association Board (Ifab) has decided to extend until August 2023 the trials on an additional change in the event of a concussion.

Finally, the yellow card rule also has its particularity in this 2022 World Cup. Indeed, if a player receives two warnings in two different matches, he will be suspended for the next match. But this rule is no longer valid from the quarter-finals where the counters are reset. This prevents a player from missing the final for picking up their second yellow card of the tournament in the semi-finals.

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