World Cup in Schaffhausen – Home team gets going: Switzerland beats Japan and South Korea – Sport

  • On Tuesday morning the Swiss curlers defeated Japan 10:4.
  • The Swiss struggled against the South Koreans in the evening and won 9:7 thanks to a strong last stone.
  • On Wednesday the Swiss will play twice again, meeting New Zealand in the morning and the Czech Republic in the evening.

From a Swiss perspective, the game against the South Koreans, who were still winless at this World Cup, started very poorly. In the first end, Skip Park Jongduk’s team was able to score three stones. Sven Michel had a mishap on the second to last stone in this end when his stick broke while wiping and he fell.

The Swiss had to keep up with the deficit until almost the end. In the end, they were still able to celebrate their 4th victory in their 6th game at the home World Cup in Schaffhausen.

The Swiss led by skip Yannick Schwaller were unable to reduce the deficit until the break. After 5 ends it was 2:5 from a Swiss perspective. They were even lucky that the South Koreans didn’t finish the 5th end cleanly and were “only” able to score 1 stone.

Strong reaction after the break

Immediately after the break, the Swiss were able to show a reaction and write a two-man house. After a single stone from the South Koreans, the Swiss managed to get another two-man house, which led to the equalizer for the first time in this game. Before the last two ends it was 6:6, the tension in Schaffhausen was palpable.

However, one person in the hall remained even cooler than the surface: Benoît Schwarz-van Berkel. The Geneva native had the chance to take out two South Korean stones in the 10th end and thus win the game for the Swiss. Schwarz-van Berkel did exactly that, Switzerland scored a three-man house and cheers erupted in the hall. After 10 ends it was 9:7 for the Swiss.

Big win in the morning

From a Swiss perspective, the day had already started well with a 10-4 victory over Japan. The preliminary decision was made in the 5th end. Because the last Japanese stone fell short, the Swiss stole a deuce to take a 5-1 lead.

In the 7th end Schwaller and Co. even took the lead 7:2. The Japanese, who have only won one game at the current World Cup so far, did not want to give up early, despite the significant deficit. And shortly afterwards they actually managed to write two stones for the first time. With a three-man house, the Swiss immediately took the wind out of their opponents’ sails. As a result, the Japanese decided not to play at the final end.

This is how it continues

The Swiss are back in action on Wednesday morning; at 9:00 a.m. they will be challenged by the still winless New Zealanders. At 7:00 p.m. the opponent is the Czech Republic.

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