World Cup reception on TV and stream: this is how you cheer in front of your neighbors


You can watch the 2022 World Cup on TV via satellite, cable and antenna or as a live stream. This is where you should tune in when the neighbors are always cheering in front of you.

If you want to cheer in front of your neighbors while watching football, you have to rely on the following transmission methods. (Source: Syda_Productions/

  • You can watch the World Cup 2022 via satellite, cable, IPTV as well as live streams for Smart TV, OTT devices and web browsers.
  • If your neighbors are constantly cheering in front of you, they are probably receiving the signal via satellite, the fastest of all transmission methods.
  • The last thing you see is the goals via streaming apps and OTT boxes – the direct IPTV via MagentaTV and cable TV, however, is broadcast with little delay.

You can watch the 2022 World Cup via more reception channels than ever before: In addition to the classic switching on of ARD and ZDF on your home TV with satellite, cable or antenna reception, Telekom offers the full World Cup program via IPTV with its own receivers and TV streaming services such as Zattoo and are available as apps for smart televisions, mobile devices and streaming sticks.

However, it is annoying when the cheers of the neighbors can already be heard through the ceiling while the player on your screen is only stepping towards the penalty spot. This phenomenon has been known for a while – and has to do with the different speeds of signal transmission on the receiving paths.

One thing is clear: If you want to be the first to see the TV pictures, there is no way around installing a satellite dish – because satellite reception (DVB-S) is and remains the undisputed fastest reception method, followed by the classic cable connection (DVB-C) and antenna signal (DVB-T2). However, the latter are already lagging behind the best satellite value by around 3 to 4 seconds – which is already enough for spoilers in exciting situations.

TV Streaming Services: More lag over streaming sticks

You can see the World Cup goals even later if you use TV streaming services such as Zattoo or – depending on the platform used, the signal delay is up to almost half a minute according to the much-cited last speed test by Veed Analytics.

According to the test, you can reduce this delay if you don’t use the streaming services via TV sticks such as the Fire TV Stick or set-top boxes, but instead use the apps of the streaming services on iPads and similar devices – the signal delay is only half as much there long.

Real IPTV from MagentaTV super fast

The “real” IPTV from Deutsche Telekom is on a par with classic cable television, which is only a few seconds slower than satellite reception. The product sold under MagentaTV is also the only one with which you can admire the World Cup games in Germany in UHD.

Also interesting..

If you don’t want to install a satellite dish at short notice so that you can watch the World Cup at eye level with the spoiler-threatening pub next door, there are still headphones with active noise cancellation – so you can simply block out the telltale cheering.

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