World War 3: heading to China and Korea in Season 1, Operation Redline

Always in Early Access on pc, World War 3 will host its first seasonal content update next week. the FPS multiplayer Wishlist Games and The Farm 51 present today I’Operation Redlinewhich will spread the conflict to a new regionwith new maps, but also equipment.

L’Operation Redline will take players from World War 3 in the Gobi Desert as well as in the Korean Demilitarized Zone, the content therefore focuses on China and the Koreas, here is what awaits us:

  • Gobi (“Team Deathmatch” mode) : Stretching from China to Mongolia, the Gobi Desert is the sixth largest desert in the world. As a storm rages, players will have to work as a team to battle their enemies through the dusty chambers of an ancient temple.
  • Korean Demilitarized Zone (“Tactical Ops” mode) : The Korean Demilitarized Zone is the border that separates South Korea from North Korea. Flanked by the ocean and stretching for 250 km, it is heavily protected on both sides by soldiers, barbed wire, mines, heavy weaponry and other deterrents. Players will be able to use its uneven terrain to their advantage as they battle to accomplish objectives in this no man’s land.

In addition to these cards, players will be able to unlock new blueprints in order to obtain more weapons and vehicles:

  • Operator Plans : Players will be able to customize their Operator with gear based on the Republic of Korea’s 707th Special Mission Battalion and the Chinese Army.
  • Weapons : Players will be able to arm their Operator with the South Korean K2C1 (Assault Rifle) and the Chinese QBZ-95 (Assault Rifle).
  • Vehicles and Attacks : Players will be challenged to take out the heavy artillery with China’s ZTZ-99 (Main Light Battle Tank), counterattack with South Korea’s K21 (Light Infantry Fighting Vehicle), and survey the skies with the IMUGI (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

Note: All Base Blueprints for new “Operation Redline” gear, weapons, vehicles and attacks can be unlocked through free progression and do not require the purchase of a Battle Pass.

L’Operation Redline will launch on December 8 in World War 3the developers will take the opportunity to publish a patch adding features and improving the gaming experience, particularly in terms of weapon collisions, movements, basic protections, life bars or even reloading while being leaning. L’Operation Redline will also include a Battlepass with 50 levels of free rewards and premiumincluding customization elements for Operatorsweapons and Attacks.

World War 3 is available in early access on PC via Steam, in free-to-play. You can find accessories gaming on Amazon.

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