Worried about their retirement, the French are saving more

Civil real estate investment companies (SCPI), which invest in buildings (offices, shops) were particularly successful in 2022. 318147034/H_KB – stock.adobe.com

Payments into retirement savings plans are soaring (+30% over one year). Other investments benefit from this.

The French, worried about the level of their retirement, are more likely to put money aside. And several investment products benefit from this. This is the case of the retirement savings plan (PER), which since 2019 has replaced the old Perp, Perco, Madelin or even “article 83”. No less than 1.3 million new policyholders took out a PER in 2022, according to the France Assureur federation. And the payments reached nearly 8.8 billion euros. This is 30% more compared to 2021, an already record year.

“The PER is an offer that meets a real need: retirement is a major concern of the French. Until now, retirement offers had experienced limited development after all,” recalls Franck Le Vallois, Managing Director of France Assureurs. The tax advantage associated with this product attracts savers. The amounts paid are fully deducted from income – within the limit of 10% of annual income. The message is less taxes, more retirement. It’s very…

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