Would Marine Delterme dare a new style?

In an Instagram snapshot posted this weekend on her account, Marine Delterme – who plays the role of the heroine of the French series Alice Nevers: the judge is a woman – is revealed with a hair color radically different from the one that she usually sports.

In the Alice Nevers series: the judge is a woman, Marine Delterme, who has played the role of Alice Nevers since 2002, sports pretty red hair! A sort of trademark, like Nicole Kidman in her early days. But the actress does not hesitate to leave her for other roles, or simply for a change. Marine Delterme has already succumbed to brown, blond or even light brown. Hair changes that are still very natural.

The French actress therefore created astonishment when she posted a photo this Sunday, August 1 on her Instagram account. On the latter, we see her with a completely different coloring than the ones she usually wears, but the comments were all positive: ” Wow that changes you so much! But it suits you very well Marine❤️ “; ” I love the style👌😍 it suits you so well “; ” It suits you, it gives you a little rebellious side, a little rock’n Roll side! ” or “ But it suits you too well😍 “. So what hair color did Marine Delterme go for in the middle of summer? It is simply a pink coloring!

Watch out for filters

If many people were delighted with this hair transformation, others understood the ploy. Indeed, like several celebrities before her, Marine Delterme did not really succumb to a pink color but simply used a filter to make it appear. She quickly revealed the deception in a comment left under the same photo: ” Always a motion, don’t panic! It’s for fake, it was a nod to those eccentrics 🌹. “Fans of the actress who had not believed in this flashy coloring, for their part. They discovered that Marine Delterme had used a filter to take this photo thanks to the visible false eyelashes she wore on the picture when she is not used to using them.

This photo proves once again that you should not believe everything you see on Instagram and that filters, when used properly, are not necessarily detected. So, what you think is “natural” in a person is not necessarily so. With social media, it’s always good to take a step back and keep a critical mind so you don’t get fooled.

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