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A season 7 of Teen Wolf, that tells you? It may well be that the cult television program may make a comeback. In any case, that's what the creator of the series suggested.

by Melanie Bonvard

Virtual reunions between stars of cult series are more and more common in recent times, especially with the health crisis. But these are meetings that warm the hearts of the fans who always ask for more. Teen wolf was entitled to his virtual meeting with all the members of the team. This was an opportunity for the actors as well as the scriptwriters to discuss this series, which has become essential over the seasons. In 2017, the series ended after six seasons, breaking the hearts of many fans. But during this famous virtual meeting, the creator of Teen wolf hinted that a new season may come.

To be more specific, Jeff Davis explains by returning to the many messages he receives from fans on this subject: "You have no idea how many messages I get: 'Where's Teen Wolf Season 7?' I say to myself 'Oh my god'. I couldn't imagine writing another episode. Well, I know there are entities out there who want it, but whether it's me or someone else who knows. But we are in a reboot culture so everything is ultimately possible. "

Nothing is certain, therefore, but many will no doubt hope for a sequel to this series, or even a reboot. It remains to be seen if Jeff Davis will be the one to write this possible next season.

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Video by Loïcia Fouillen