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Here we discuss all the information, leaks and rumors concerning the release date of Season 4 of
Dragonflight on World of Warcraft. This season should arrive via Patch 10.3 which will be the last major content addition before The War Within arrives at the end of the year. Note that S4 will be a sort of best-of, with the presence of the three Raids of the expansion, all the objects in improved version and a new rotation of dungeons in M+.

Update : As of Thursday February 22. For now the content of this article is speculative
since Blizzard has not officially announced a release date for Season 4.

Release date for Season 4 and Patch 10.3

After Season 3 released on Wednesday, November 8, it is estimated that Season 4 of Dragonflight should arrive
around mid-May or even early June. As explained in our video (link above), we came to this conclusion using logic from previous seasons on the expansion but also on Shadowlands.

We anticipate this date of mid-May or even early June based on several factors:

  • Season 1 lasted 21 weeks, Season 2 lasted 26 weeks, it seems quite logical that Season 3 has a relatively similar duration
  • Season 4 has already been announced as a best-of, taking up the concept of S4 of Shadowlands. This lasted 12 weeks, serving as a relative break before the release of the new expansion. This is information that we obtained last year during an interview with Ion Hazzikostas, World of Warcraft manager at Blizzard.
  • In addition, a transition period, generally called the “pre-patch” is present between the end of Season 4 and the arrival of the expansion. This should last a few weeks (between 2 and 4 if we take the previous outings).
  • The War Within being announced for release in fall 2024 (Fall 2024 on official Blizzard press releases), the fourth season cannot arrive much later than the end of June, unless its duration is shortened.
  • The TWW Closed Beta should arrive by the end of March or beginning of April, which will allow the most dedicated players (members of Progress guilds, MDI and BlizzCon players in PvP) to focus on this content, leaving a little more time for less experienced guilds to finish Season 3 content.

Only a release closer to the beginning of October or even the end of September for The War Within could push Blizzard to release Season 4 before May. A choice that we consider quite daring for the studio, which tends to give itself a little time to deploy its extensions.

What content for Season 4 of Dragonflight?

As usual with the rotation of WoW seasons, players can expect quite a few changes here. Thus, if we are to believe the first official information as well as by comparing with S4 of Shadowlands, the next season will be a “best-of” of Dragonflight content:

  • The presence of the three Raids of the expansion, in reworked version
  • A new rotation of Dungeons in MM+
  • A new PvP season with a rotation of ranked maps
  • Provision of the best pieces of equipment via a points system, in order to be able to choose your BiS stuff
  • Lots of balancing of classes and specializations in preparation for the next expansion
  • New rewards on different types of content

All that’s missing is an official announcement from Blizzard regarding the release date of Dragonflight Season 4! In the meantime, you can find all of our information and guides on our World of Warcraft portal.

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