WoW: The water rabbit honored on the occasion of the Chinese New Year

the Chinese New Year happens and, on this occasion, Blizzard has created exclusive content for its various games. World of Warcraft being no exception, you can get these rewards recently directly on the game. Be careful though, to benefit from them you will have to get your hands on the wallet. Indeed, these will only be offered to players who purchase the first promotional pack of the year 2023.

A year placed under the sign of the rabbit

This year is fine the rabbit who is honored in the Chinese zodiac. It was therefore completely normal for Blizzard to offer its community content related to this small rodent. The players of wow will now be able to get their hands on Trickster and Jade, respectively a pet and a mount. The first will be available on the extension Wrath of the Lich King Classicwhile the second can be obtained on the extension Dragonflight.

Filou the mascot

Trickster is an adorable little rabbit who will accompany you everywhere in your adventures. To unlock it, you will have to to pay six month subscription in World of Warcraft, i.e. the sum of €65.94. However, it will not automatically be added to your collection, you will first need to complete a quest which you will have previously obtained from any innkeeper.

Jade the mount

Jade, also called Jade Harbinger of Happiness, will take you where you want to go. This mount can be obtained by paying six months subscription in World of Warcraft, i.e. the sum of €65.94. Unlike Filou, you won’t have no additional quest to do to unlock this water bunny. All you have to do is log into the game and then find the mount in your collection.


Please note that if you have already purchased twelve months of game subscription in the last thirty days or are already under the effect of a subscription that automatically renews every six months, you will receive Jade and Trickster free of charge before January 31, 2023.

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