Wreckreation: Criterion alumni announce a new extreme and wacky open-world racing game

Between the Dangerous Drivingthem Hazard Area and Dangerous Golfthe elders of Criterion have already managed to make a name for themselves in games with an explosive concept with Three Fields Entertainment. They are about to do it again with a new license with THQ Nordicunveiled during its Digital Showcase, wreckreation (unrelated to Wreckfest).

Always very inspired by fashion Crash of Burnoutthey will invite us this time to explore a open-world full of crazy possibilitieslike springboards, half pipes and loops, which we will go through in the context of 7 types of events: Skid, Air, Missed or almost, Cascade, Crash and stopwatch. And to spice it all up, no less than 16 radio stations will broadcast lively music and it will be possible to stream his playlists Spotify.

Wreckreation brings to life the MixWorld, a universe in the form of a tribute to car racing that you will be free to shape as you see fit. To shape… or to destroy. Developed by Three Fields Entertainment, a team formed by the creators of the Burnout and Need for Speed ​​series, Wreckreation has been designed to be the ultimate open world that will delight car racing enthusiasts and car enthusiasts: a world that you will create from scratch , alone or with the help of your online friends. In Wreckreation, you’ll experience breathtaking races and spectacular crashes on courses and tracks that you have designed from scratch or that your friends have designed. But hey, yours are better, everyone knows that.

  • Tear up the leaderboards – Break records in 7 categories and on any bitumen of your MixWorld: Drift, Air, Missed or almost, Stunt, Crash and, more classic, Chrono.
  • The world is yours – An open-world to explore and shape. Place ramps, springboards, half-pipes, moving obstacles… all over your MixWorld. Limits ? None.
  • Custom power – Paintwork, finishes, wheels, exhaust flames, windows, tyres, manual or automatic gearbox… everything is customizable! And everything is available from the start.
  • Everything for the music – Radio stations are the supporting characters of any self-respecting racing game. Listen to up to 16 frequencies, or stream your playlists from Spotify.
  • A World of Modes – You control the gameplay. A simple race? It’s possible. An aerobatic competition where the winner is the one who slams the first barrel? Also.

Wreckreation 12 08 2022 screenshot 2 Wreckreation 12 08 2022 screenshot 3Wreckreation 12 08 2022 screenshot 4 Wreckreation 12 08 2022 screenshot 5 Wreckreation 12 08 2022 screenshot 6Wreckreation 12 08 2022 screenshot 7 Wreckreation 12 08 2022 screenshot 8

wreckreation doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but it will be released soon on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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