Wrexham with breakthrough promotion: The Hollywood club is shaking up England’s football

Wrexham with march-through promotion
The Hollywood club is shaking up England’s football

The next promotion is secured ahead of time: they are letting the corks pop at AFC Wrexham. Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney will not take over the club until 2021, and the march to unknown heights will be successful – and it shouldn’t end so quickly.

When AFC Wrexham added the next chapter to their cinematic script, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney weren’t even there. The two Hollywood stars – who also happen to be owners of the traditional Welsh club – were able to watch from a distance as the fans stormed the “Racecourse” pitch, fell into the arms of the players and celebrated their march through to the third English league.

“This is the ride of our lives,” Reynolds cheered after the 6-0 (4-0) win against Forest Green Rovers at X, McElhenney wrote with a red heart emoji: “No words.” With two game days to go before the end of the season, Wrexham, as newcomers to the fourth-tier League Two, can no longer be pushed out of one of the three promotion places. Which is not least thanks to the famous owners.

Fans now come from all over the world.

Fans now come from all over the world.

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In 2021, Reynolds – known, among other things, for his role as the anti-superhero “Deadpool” – and McElhenney took over the club, which was founded in 1864. The fans longed for a return to professional football after difficult years in the fifth division. Thanks to an incredible season with 111 points and only three defeats, redemption was achieved last season. The renewed promotion is the logical consequence of the club’s steadily increasing popularity.

Thanks to a documentary series produced by Reynolds and McElhenney, Wrexham now has fans all over the world. The club recently generated a third of its income outside of Europe; the fourth division team traveled through the USA on a preparatory tour, playing against Manchester United and Chelsea FC, among others. This season, according to the BBC, Wrexham are set to make a turnover of £20 million – a figure more in line with clubs in the second-tier Championship.

It’s hardly surprising that those involved have long been dreaming of bigger things. “When we were promoted last year, I had the feeling that there were still many more chapters to be written,” said successful coach Phil Parkinson and added: “I still firmly believe that now.”

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