“Wrong suspicion”: Von Storch, for his part, reports Lauterbach

“Wrong suspicion”
In turn, von Storch reported Lauterbach

First Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach reported the AfD politician Beatrix von Storch, now she shoots back with a complaint. While Lauterbach feels offended, von Storch accuses him of false suspicion – and also refers to her rights as a member of parliament.

After a complaint by Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach against the AfD member of the Bundestag Beatrix von Storch, she has now reported Lauterbach. She announced that she had reported the SPD politician to the Berlin police for violating Section 164 of the Criminal Code.

The paragraph is about “false suspicion”. He makes it a punishable offense if someone suspects someone else “against their better knowledge of an illegal act” in order to “bring official proceedings or other official measures against them”.

The Minister of Health confirmed an ad against von Storch on Thursday. According to a “Spiegel” report, it’s about insult. Accordingly, after Lauterbach’s speech on the Infection Protection Act last week, the AfD politician should loudly say the words “You are completely crazy!” have expressed. This was accompanied by a circular finger movement on the edge of her forehead, which Lauterbach interpreted as “showing a bird”.

Von Storch said: “Insults by MPs in the Bundestag cannot be prosecuted at all,” which is contrary to Article 46, paragraph 1 of the Basic Law. There it says: “A member of parliament may at no time be prosecuted in court or in official proceedings or otherwise held responsible outside the Bundestag because of his vote or because of a statement he made in the Bundestag or in one of its committees. This does not apply to defamatory statements insults.”

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