Wuthering Waves: Improve your echoes for free with this pack to collect today!

News tip Wuthering Waves: Improve your echoes for free with this pack to collect today!

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To celebrate the global launch of Wuthering Waves, new rewards can be collected for free. Except this time, it’s not with a code like the others: in fact, Epic Games is offering the Echo Starter Pack free of charge for all its users. So don’t wait to collect this famous reward which will allow you to get your hands on improvement materials for your echoes!

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What is this Beginner’s Pack offered by Epic Games for Wuthering Waves?

As part of the Mega Sale, Epic Games is offering its users the Echo Starter Pack for Wuthering Waves, which is similar to a Beginner’s Pack. In the latter, you can find materials that will allow you to improve the echoes of your Resonators.

  • Incomplete Wave Class Echo – Allows you to obtain an elite class echo
  • 10 Premium tuner – Allows you to improve the attributes of echoes
  • 5 Recorder (large) – Grants 2,000 experience points to an Echo

In just a few clicks, you will be able to acquire a high-level echo and all the resources necessary to improve it.

Don’t wait too long, because you have until June 13 to claim your reward. Once you have obtained the code, you have until June 23 to enter the code in game.

To obtain the Echo Starter Pack, All you have to do is connect to the Epic Games Store, then go to the Wuthering Waves product page. By scrolling down the page a little, you will come across the category “DLC and additional content” by Wuthering Waves.

Then add the Echo Starter Pack to your library, then go to your inbox, that of the email address associated with your Epic account. In the latter, open the email called “Wuthering Waves Mega Sale Offer” then take the code that will be entered there.

Log in to Wuthering Wavesthen once you have completed the first part of the tutorial, i.e. when you have reached level 2, open the game settingsthen go to “Other settings”. In the category “Coded”, enter the code received by email to receive your rewards in your in-game email.

Please note that only Epic Games users can benefit from this reward. But nothing prevents you from creating a temporary account to simply collect the code which will allow you to obtain the various rewards ! All you have to do is follow the steps above to get your hands on the code to come into play.

Additionally, each activation code can only be used once. A character cannot use multiple codes of the same type more than once.

If you want to get other free rewards in Wuthering Waves, do not hesitate to check the list of gift codes. You will find all the latest redeem codes still active for the current month!

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