Xbox: a Series S and Sonic and Knuckles collector top toupee controllers to win, here’s how to win them

It is this March 30 that sonic the movie 2 will be officially available in theaters in France, a few days before its American release on April 8, 2022. Commercial operations to get people talking about it are multiplying, and now a news item in partnership with Xbox comes to talk about her.

Xbox Series S controller collector sonic movie knuckles pic 3 Xbox Series S controller collector sonic movie knuckles pic 1

The manufacturer thus invites us to win an Xbox Series S and 2 collector controllers via a contest. The black console is quite classic, taking up a visual of the film opposing Knuckles at sonicwith all the same a well-found golden ring that surrounds the ventilation grille. The controllers are more daring: they sport “textured coatings reminiscent of the spiky texture of hedgehogs in nature” in blue sonic and red Knuckles. It must be admitted that the rendering is especially reminiscent of a fluffy vintage carpet, even the fur of aElmo and Cookie Monster

If you want to see what the controllers really look like by adding them to your collection, you will have to win them ! In the United States, it is possible to redeem points Microsoft Rewards against participations, and in the rest of the countries where the Xbox Live is available, you have to try your luck by retweeting the message below with the hashtag #XboxSonic2Sweepstakes before April 4, 2022.

For latecomers, sonic the movie is available on DVD from €8.90 on

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