Xbox app for PC: a new compact display mode for Windows portable consoles

Anthony Roche

November 30, 2023 at 2:05 p.m.


Xbox PC notifications © Microsoft

Better notifications for the Xbox app on PC © Microsoft

If you use Game Pass on PC or portable console, good news: Microsoft is continuing to improve its Xbox application with a nice new update.

The Xbox application on PC will certainly have come a long way since its launch. If it is still far from matching the level of richness and information of Steam, it is today completely usable and gains tools with each update. Today’s is no exception. Here’s what you need to remember, especially if you use the app on a portable console such as Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally ZI or Ayaneo Kun.

A compact mode for small screens

The main new feature is certainly a new compact mode. By checking a box in the profile drop-down menu, the left column with installed menus and games condenses to leave more room for the rest of the interface. Practical especially on portable consoles. As a picture is always better than a long speech, admire instead:

Xbox app November 2023 © Screenshot Clubic

The Xbox app displayed normally…

Compact Xbox app © Screenshot Clubic

…and in compact mode.

© Clubic Screenshots

This new mode is also activated by default on machines from certain manufacturers, including Asus.

Various improvements

Then, as illustrated at the top of this article, a new button in the notifications drop-down menu allows you to display only unread ones. A good initiative to see things more clearly and no longer be drowned out by old notifications. Visual changes for better overall consistency are also there for the alert banners.

Perhaps even a little more useful, the Xbox application for Windows also has a new repair tool. If you encounter a problem with a game or service, head to your profile then “Support” to attempt a repair with the tool.

Xbox App Repair © MicrosoftXbox App Repair © Microsoft

A repair process for games © Microsoft

Finally, under the hood, changes have been made to improve the installation, launching and updating of games. Controller navigation should also be better and bugs are a thing of the past.

Regarding Xbox consoles, some new features are also worth noting: the Japanese language is now supported for physical and virtual keyboards, notifications can now display free days for games in the wish list and mobile authentication can be used to retrieve rewards. Finally, a firmware update for Elite Series 2 controllers and Xbox Adaptive Controllers is here to fix bugs around Shift mode.

Source : Microsoft

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