Xbox boss compares Call of Duty to Minecraft to reassure Sony

Phil Spencer compared call of duty at Minecraftto make Sony understand that Activision’s cult saga will never become exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem.

Sony is currently doing everything possible to derail the resounding deal between Microsoft and Activision. One of the Japanese firm’s arguments to convince the authorities concerns call of duty : she fears that this very popular saga will eventually become reserved for the Xbox ecosystem, which would be a disaster for the industry – and especially for PlayStation sales. But this argument may not hold up against recent comments by the boss of the Xbox branch.

Questioned on October 26 by the wall street journalPhil Spencer has indicated, once again, that Microsoft will never make call of duty a privilege of Xbox gamers. He drew a parallel with Minecraft, which never became a Microsoft exclusive after the Mojang takeover. The game continues to be offered on a multitude of platforms.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. // Source: Activision

Microsoft downright dreams of call of duty on Switch

One might think that the words of Phil Spencer are held only to convince the authorities responsible for validating or invalidating the acquisition of Activision. He goes even further: Call of Duty will be available on PlayStation. I would love to see it on Switch, I would love to see this game playable on lots of different screens. As a reminder, the last episode to be released on a Nintendo console is Call of Duty: Ghosts. It was on Wii U in 2013, almost 10 years ago.

Microsoft would have no interest in making call of duty exclusive to its ecosystem, given the immense commercial potential of this saga. Each year, it rises to the top of the charts and it is capital on which the multinational can continue to count. Especially since call of duty is now attached to a Battle Royale that has already gathered more than 125 million players – not all of whom are on Xbox.

Deprive PlayStation consoles of call of duty is a huge shortfall for Microsoft, which is not targeting a few million people, but billions. ” It is mainly about mobile with this opportunity [le rachat d’Activision]. When you know there are about 3 billion people playing, there are only 200 million households on a console “recalls Phil Spencer – a way of remembering that Xbox and PlayStation do not evolve in the same spheres. Hence the parallel with Minecraft : call of duty is a huge brand that must be accessible on as many devices as possible to generate maximum revenue. For Microsoft, play call of duty wherever you want, as long as you play call of duty.

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