Xbox deals a second blow to PlayStation. Never 2 without 3 ?

It’s a crisis for playstation ! Its longtime competitor, Xbox, seems to have taught it a good lesson on the other side of the globe. However, the reasons might not be the ones one might think, and PlayStation’s honor might be safe and sound regardless…

Xbox tops the charts, far ahead of PlayStation

Since the release of the next-gen consoles of the two competitors in 2020 (one month apart), the latter have only measured themselves in the world charts. Here, it is those of Japan that interest us. For only the second time in the history of this rivalry, this week, the Xbox Series S sold 6,120 copies, compared to 2,693 for the PS5 (digital version included).

The PlayStation 5 therefore finds itself beaten to the bone, which it was not used to. As previously stated, the last time Xbox surpassed PlayStation in Japan was in 2014 and the Xbox One had just been released.

Why ?

  • Why is Xbox so unpopular in Japan?

Microsoft has been struggling to sell its consoles in Sony’s country for years. Indeed, faced with a Japanese company, the American has little chance. The PlayStation has therefore become much more democratized in the country, and has established itself as the reference brand for consoles alongside, of course, Nintendo.

Proof of Sony’s success, so far, the PlayStation 5 sold 1.69 million copies, compared to 232,000 (only) for the Xbox Series. But let Microsoft not worry, internationally, the figures are the same and the company is far from losing its luster.

  • Why the PlayStation 5 was defeated by the Xbox Series?

It is true that all this seems illogical. Yet Sony’s next-gen console’s biggest problem is at stake: it is out of stock. All over Japan, or even around the world, the PS5 suffers from many breaks and can sometimes be untraceable. Japanese players have therefore undoubtedly turned to the Xbox, which is rarely out of stock and has a very attractive Game Pass, however.

Either way, it looks like PlayStation remains the favorite in the country, but on a global scale, the two next-gen consoles are evenly matched. Both have their own qualities, and seem to be, beyond being competitors, almost complementary.


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