Xbox Game Pass: a huge free gift


In addition to the August 2023 games, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can take advantage of a very interesting benefit right now. A bonus on a game that just received a big update.

Xbox Game Pass August 2023 games are nearly all available, but Microsoft has at least one more surprise for its subscribers. A nice gift that will allow them to discover new features of a big game without having to spend hours on it.

A new gift for Xbox Game Pass subscribers

Xbox Game Pass August 2023 is full of surprises. After offering an ultra cult game, upon its release, Microsoft’s subscription service draws another advantage for Ultimate subscribers. The most expensive plan at €14.99 per month which includes Xbox Live Gold, EA Play, discounts, Game Pass console, PC and cloud titles, and additional bonuses. For the launch of Overwatch 2 Invasion, the story mode of Blizzard’s software, subscribers can immediately access the new heroine Illari and other characters, a legendary skin and a set of cosmetics.

« Unlock Illari and the other heroes ofOverwatch 2 with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Advantage – a new Hero Starter Pack. This unique bundle for Xbox includes instant access to all six Overwatch 2 heroes, a legendary skin for each, and additional in-game cosmetics. You can also unlock Illari instantly with the Premium Invasion Battle Pass for 1,000 coins OW in the game store » (via Xbox Wire).

In addition to Overwatch 2 characters, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can still get the PUBG Battlegrounds: 2023 Summer Pack to receive the Floral Yukata Outfit, Floral Sandals item, Hunter Chests, Keys, and Contraband Coupons. The exclusive Heir of House Baenre Pack offers a House Baenre Coupon Pack and a Rank 3 Enchantment Pack in Neverwinter. Finally, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis offers to support you with 6 N-Half Scape Dolls to resuscitate, and 50 Photon Chunks to boost your weapons and your units.

Huge “free” games available and releases

By tomorrow August 15, Xbox Game Pass August 2023 games will all be available with the arrival ofEverspace 2. The space shooter from Rockfish Games. A month that will have been very, very solid thanks to big nuggets from the indie scene. Subscribers who have had the Celeste right, A Short HikeLimbo or even Broforce Forever – the free update which adds new bros and more difficulty.

But in a few hours, several very large apps will unfortunately be unplayable. Here are the games being removed from Xbox Game Pass as of August 15, 2023:

A few hours to fold games of this caliber, good luck! Because apart from Midnight Fight Express which can last about ten hours, the others greatly exceed this duration. But if you haven’t completed them, keep your save. Since there’s a turnover, they’re likely to all come back at some point, and then there’s the buy box.


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