Xbox Games with Gold: here are the free games of January 2023

January will be a rather quiet month for Xbox Games with Gold, which will not prevent it from offering two free games to its subscribers. They will be able to download Iris Fall and Autonauts, two independent titles that will have plenty to keep you busy after the hectic holiday season.

If we can say without getting too wet that a large part of Xbox Games with Gold subscribers switched to Xbox Game Pass at its launch – we will not throw stones at them – the program continues to unite many players, years after it was set up by Microsoft. As proof of this, the new titles which, each month, are made available free of charge for the latter.

The selection is not always the most interesting, it must be admitted, especially in the face of an ever more profitable Xbox Game Pass each month, but some months have a qualitative batch. We remember in particular the month of September which had allowed its subscribers to discover the excellent Portal 2, not to be missed under any circumstances.

Here are the free Xbox Games with Gold games for January 2023

Next January, meanwhile, will be a little calmer, to believe that Microsoft also needs to recover quietly from the end of the year holidays. So, these are just two games that will be available for subscribers for free. The first is Iris Fall, a title as sumptuous as it is enigmatic, which invites you to embody a little girl in a visibly abandoned world. You will have to solve a certain number of puzzles there, playing in particular with the effects of shadows and light.

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If you’ve had enough of Minecraft but your thirst for building hasn’t yet been quenched, then Atonauts is made for you. The principle is after all very similar: find resources to make tools, use these tools to build these robots, use these robots to found a civilization on a new planet. A whole program, available from January 15th.

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