Xbox: Leak shows new feature that PS5 fans would like to have

The Xbox Series X|S could soon get a feature that PS5 fans have been asking for for a long time. A leak shows that Microsoft is working on a new feature for the home screen.

According to a well-known Microsoft leaker, the company is currently working on a new app for the Xbox Series X | S and the PC. The program aims to enable players to create your own dynamic backgrounds for the home screen – a feature that the PS5 community is also longing for.

Microsoft: New Xbox feature in the works?

Twitter user and past reliable Xbox leaker Agiornamenti Lumia tweeted information about a planned Microsoft feature. Accordingly, the company is developing a tool that will enable gamers to design their own dynamic backgrounds. Players should probably choose your own background image and up to eight effects at the same time can apply to it. The feature is apparently planned for both Xbox consoles and PC.

Dynamic backgrounds are already available on Xbox, but so far only in the form of official Xbox themes. With the feature could Players can now completely customize their home screen for the first time. However, Microsoft has not yet confirmed the development of the tool, which is why fans will definitely have to be patient. However, it would undoubtedly be a feature that would resonate with gamers.

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PS5: Community wants more background options

Since the launch of the PS5, PlayStation fans have been wishing we could go back to the days of the PS4 – at least in terms of the background options. while gamers on the previous console from many different themes could choose for their background, there is currently still no option to significantly customize the home screen on the next-gen PlayStation.

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