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According to a patent application that has now been published, Microsoft has plans for how discless consoles could soon start games from a disc. You can find out all this and more in the GIGA Insights.

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Microsoft patent: Disc games without a drive?

Games are increasingly being bought, downloaded and installed directly from the Internet, discs are becoming a marginal phenomenon. It does have some advantages. For example, that you can buy used games cheaper or that games are sometimes published in digital shop windows and some titles are only available used on disc.

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Xbox or PS5? 7 aspects where Microsoft is ahead

So anyone who has built up a physical collection of Xbox titles in the past will hardly be enthusiastic about the disc-less consoles. A patent application that has now been published by Microsoft shows how these titles can also be played without a disc drive. How exactly we explain in the video above.

Apple is working on more USB-C devices

Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo announced on Twitter that plans for a USB-C iPhone are likely to pick up speed again. But that shouldn’t be the end of it: other Apple equipment is also said to be switching from Lightning to USB.

Apple plans iPhone with e-ink

And work is also to be done on an iPhone with an e-ink display. However, the display is not intended to replace the previous displays, but rather to be used as a cover screen in a “foldable iPhone”.

Fall Guys will be free

The big hype about Fall Guys is over, but the title could soon get a boost from new players.
As announced this week, the title will be free-to-play on June 21st, making it interesting for many new players. In addition, the lively battle royale will also be available for the first time on the Nintendo Switch, as well as the Xbox One and Xbox Series.

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