Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Arena Challenges and heroine Ino release date, 1.1.1 update available

This summer, the latest MonolithSoft landed on Switch and delighted gamers, of course we’re talking about Xenoblade Chronicles 3. If you have completed it from top to bottom, or at least all of its quests since the grind challenges of a certain class can be laborious, you’re probably expecting it as we Wave 2 from Expansion Pass expected before the end of the year. We had a preview of it even before the release, showing the area for the mode Arena Challenges and the shadow of a Hero unpublished leaving pensive. With the Nintendo Directthere was something to hope for news of the game on this subject, then?

Indeed, nintendo well revealed the Wave 2 of the DLCs which will be launched on October 14 and will give us access to Ino and his class Noponic Champion (Defender) once her quest is completed, a mechanical heroine consuming a special type ofEtherwhose origin already questions our curiosity and which was designed by the artist PALOW. Its class is also special since it has a dedicated skill tree (inoswap in English). You will also notice that it is affiliated with Agnus… The Arena Challenges will be launched at the same time with a whole bunch of enemy wave clashes to complete in record time, even against Moebius. As rewards, we will obtain, among other things, new accessories and skins swimwear. Finally, the Wave 3 and his other unreleased female character (they are little rascals at MonolithSoft) has been teasedin addition to a visual showing 2 Hero fighting at the same time. And if, like us, his English voice already excites you, don’t hesitate to watch the video in Japanese below to hear Aoi Koga’s dubbing!

Otherwise, a 1.1.1 update has been available for a few daysof which the changelog visible in-game says the following:

  • Added a move pattern for Doomwing Ryuho, a unique enemy in the Aetia region.
  • Fixed various minor issues to improve gameplay experience.

On this subject, only the Japanese official website of the publisher has published the list problems corrected, translated into English by Perfectly Nintendo. We offer you a translation:

  • Fixed an issue where the first battle of the Master’s Ascension quest, “Dark Antagonism”, would not end.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Return of the Threat” quest where the battle against the Mysterious Attackers would not end.
  • Fixed an issue where the items “Gouayave Godrill” and “Palmidatte Godrill”, required for some encyclopedia cards, could not be obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the effects of dishes other than “Roasted Sponge Potato” and “Golden Fish Pie” were not applying correctly
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Signature Art button from appearing and preventing players from pressing it under certain circumstances. If you have encountered this problem before, you can fix it by loading save data after updating the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the word “Verkaufen” in the Shop menu would overlap with the text right next to it when the language was set to German.

Yes, you read that right, dishes apparently didn’t give any bonuses for the most part until this patch, players have something to be upset about Manana for stealing so many Doubloons Nopons for nothing (or ingredients depending).

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is sold €44.49 on Amazon if you haven’t taken the plunge yet.

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