Xiaomi 12 Ultra in the video leak: This camera design overtakes the Pixel 6


Xiaomi has not yet officially presented the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, but a new video leak on YouTube announces an absurd design decision.

New information about the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has been leaked. (Source: Xiaomi)

  • Xiaomi has not yet officially presented the Xiaomi 12 Ultra.
  • A video of the camera island has appeared on YouTube.
  • It is probably a prototype from production.

Xiaomi recently presented the Xiaomi 12 in front of the home audience in China. A Xiaomi 12 Ultra has been suggested for some time, but it was not part of the presentation. Now new pictures from the production have appeared.

As Techradar reports, an insider has shared a video on YouTube under the synonym xleaks7 that is supposed to show a dummy of the upcoming Ultra model. It is apparently a cast aluminum from production. What is more than noticeable is the immense size of the camera island.

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More camera than cell phone?

Most recently, the Google Pixel 6 attracted attention with a camera island strip. Compared to the Xiaomi 12 Ultra from the leak, however, the stripe looks subtle. The Xiaomi camera is built on a square base that takes up more than a third of the back and frames an immense round camera configuration.

A few weeks ago, pictures of cell phone cases that should be intended for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra appeared. They too have cutouts for a round camera island. However, it was not yet foreseeable how prominently this could protrude from the back.

So far there is no information from Xiaomi about a Xiaomi 12 Ultra, so these leaks should always be treated with caution. There will be no certainty until an upcoming presentation at the earliest, which may already take place in February or March.

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