Xiaomi 13T: This feature is only available in Europe


The Xiaomi 13T will differ depending on the region. A special version is planned for Europe, which differs from the other models in this respect.

The Xiaomi 13T could get exclusive software features from Leica. (Source: Appuals)

  • The base model of the Xiaomi 13T will be released exclusively in Europe with Leica functions.
  • The situation could be different with the Pro model.
  • This is purely a software change. Both models probably have the same hardware.

The Xiaomi 13T (Pro) is probably the last innovation in the Xiaomi 13 series before the launch of the Xiaomi 14. Of course, Leica is also there again, contributing filters and other software solutions to the camera. But that might not be the case everywhere.

Based on an unboxing video on YouTube that has now been made private, Xiaomiui suspects that the basic model does not get these additional Leica functions in all regions. Unlike leaks for Europe, there was no Leica logo in the video. With the Pro model, everyone could still benefit from Leica functions.

Outside Europe, the models’ cameras could differ in their features due to software. On the hardware side, they are the same. In both, a 50-megapixel IMX 707 sensor from Sony will serve as the main sensor, supported by an eight-megapixel ultra-wide camera with a double zoom camera.

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