Xiaomi launches its Robot Vacuum X10+: a very well-equipped robot vacuum cleaner at an “attractive” price

During its European conference, Xiaomi lifted the veil on a slew of products (smartphones, TVs, true wireless headphones, etc.) while giving pride of place to household appliances. The Xiaomi X10+ robot vacuum cleaner is the new flagship of the Chinese manufacturer.

This model presents itself as the most advanced reference in the Xiaomi catalog. Like the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Ultra, the Robot Vacuum X10+ is able to vacuum and clean floors at the same time. It also has an equivalent technical sheet, namely a suction power of 4000 Pa and a 5200 mAh battery (supposed to allow it to clean up to 240 m²).

Its main novelty lies in its washing system – much more advanced than that of the Mop 2 Ultra which was satisfied with a simple tank – and in its automatic emptying station. This is not only capable of sucking up the waste present in the collector, but also of moistening, washing or drying the pads of the device. For this, the base is equipped with a triple tank of 2.5 liters each (one for dust, another for clean water and a last one for dirty water). Finally, to complete the experience, the hot air drying system makes it possible to dry the skates and thus avoid bad odors linked to long-term humidification. Xiaomi ensures that they “can pressure sweep to remove the most stubborn stains on the floor”. And if, by chance, the Robot Vacuum X10+ encounters a carpet, then its ultrasonic sensor would allow it to raise its pads to return to a suction function.

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A well-functioning navigation system

The navigation system has obviously not changed since the Mop 2 Ultra. We find in fact the (patented) S-Cross technology which uses a laser rangefinder to scan the room at 360° as well as a camera which, combined with AI, helps the robot to better understand obstacles. Added to this is an armada of sensors that should allow the robot to avoid the slightest hiccup and not get stuck easily; our lab tests will validate these promises.

Such a complete cartography is obviously useful for the application. This will allow the user to create virtual beacons to prevent access to the robot in certain rooms or areas of the room. Conversely, it will be possible to ask him to clean certain specific areas.

With its Robot Vacuum X10+, Xiaomi is finally aligning itself with the competition that has unsheathed robot vacuum cleaners at triple-duty emptying stations before it. The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, Dreame L10s Ultra or Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni are now joined by Xiaomi which sells its Robot Vacuum X10+ at an “attractive” price (for this equipment) of 900 € when most models often exceed 1000 € .

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