Xiaomi minimizes the major disadvantage of Android smartphones

Xiaomi not only builds many Android smartphones, but also develops existing technologies to make the end devices better. Now the Chinese company has achieved a breakthrough from which all Xiaomi smartphones should benefit. It’s about the battery life.

Xiaomi increases the energy density of batteries

The batteries built into smartphones and other devices decide whether they can be used for a shorter or longer period. No matter how great the smartphone is, if the battery life doesn’t match, it’s a disappointment in everyday life. And here Xiaomi has made a small breakthrough. With a new technology, the Chinese company has the Increase the capacity of the energy storage system by 10 percent without changing the size of the battery (source: Weibo).

Xiaomi expects the runtime of smartphones to be extended by 100 minutes. The increase in energy density was achieved through a higher silicon content in the battery. 10 percent may or may not seem like much at first in everyday life, however, decide whether a smartphone will last the whole day or fail shortly beforehand. If a smartphone previously had a 5,000 mAh battery, the capacity would increase to 5,500 mAh with the new technology. That really is a difference.

However, it is particularly important that Xiaomi has increased the energy density without changing the size of the battery. This means that users have no disadvantage in terms of design or dimensions. Xiaomi could just do that Extend battery life or build thinner devices. Both options are now open to the group.

Xiaomi wants to charge smartphones over the air soon:

When will the new battery be installed in Xiaomi smartphones?

Except for the details of the higher energy density and the slightly longer runtime, there are no further details about the new battery from Xiaomi. So it is not known whether this may already be used in the Xiaomi 12, which will be presented at the end of 2021. If that is the case, it should be mentioned during the introduction. It is clear, however, that Xiaomi wants to reduce one of the main disadvantages of Android smartphones.

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