Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4 in a short test: This tablet is a useful extension


With the Pad 6S Pro 12.4, Xiaomi is presenting its first higher-priced tablet for the European market at MWC. In a short test, the device turns out to be a useful addition.

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The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is now not only known for its cell phones, but also successfully sells tablets. With models like the Redmi Pad and the Xiaomi Pad 6, the company has now become the fifth largest tablet manufacturer in the world. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Xiaomi is now showing its latest trick: the Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4. It could open up a new target group for the Chinese manufacturer.

Price and availability

With a recommended retail price of 699.90 euros (8 GB + 256 GB) or 799.90 euros (12 GB + 512 GB), the model is the most expensive tablet that Xiaomi has offered in this country to date. Both the Xiaomi Pad 6 and the Redmi Pads are priced under 500 euros.

Compared to the competition, the price still seems fair. Samsung charges around 1,000 euros for the similarly equipped Tab S9+. However, it should be said that you only get the tablet for your money from Xiaomi. You have to buy the stylus and keyboard shown in Xiaomi’s presentation separately. These cost 99 and 169 euros respectively. With Samsung at least the stylus is included. Nevertheless, it still comes out well in terms of price compared to the Samsung tablet.


The features justify the higher price of the Pad 6S compared to the Pad 6. The new Xiaomi tablet not only offers a larger display, but also a sharper display (3K). In the short test, it is pleasing to the eye with its sharp, bright and luminous display, even though it is not an AMOLED screen, but just an LCD panel.

The processor is not a mid-range chip, but the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which was in almost every top smartphone last year. The additional computing power and accessories such as keyboard and pen open up new application possibilities for the Pad 6S. So you should not only be able to surf and watch videos with the tablet, but also work.

In the short test, the Xiaomi Pen actually drew on the tablet almost like it was written on paper, and the keyboard cover also appealed with its clean pressure points and large key travel. What’s annoying, however, is that the Pad 6S doesn’t seem to be locked tightly enough. In our short test, the Pad 6S wobbled slightly with every keystroke. This can be annoying in the long run.


The Xiaomi Pad 6S also offers new features on the software side. The tablet now runs with the new HyperOS system, which is based on Android 14. HyperOS allows you to freely arrange windows on the tablet like on a PC, which makes multi-tasking easier. With the Start Screen+ function, you can display the start screen of your Xiaomi cell phone directly on the tablet and also control it and copy files quickly and easily.

An AI also supports you when drawing and transforms sketches into real works of art, which you can watch in the following video. You can determine how strongly artificial intelligence should intervene.

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This is something else we noticed

  • The workmanship of the Pad 6S is of high quality, as usual with Xiaomi tablets. The housing is made entirely of aluminum. The only thing we miss is an IP certification.
  • The tablet can be charged with 120 watts, making it faster than many competitors. According to the manufacturer, a complete charging cycle takes around 35 minutes.

Netzwelt means

The Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4 leaves a good first impression in the short test. The manufacturer is expanding its portfolio to include an attractive offer for ambitious users.

In addition to the Pad 6S Pro 12.4, Xiaomi also presented the Xiaomi 14 Ultra at MWC.

Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4

Don’t agree? Are you looking for suitable alternatives? We have an extensive list of Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4 alternatives ready for you in our tablet overview.

Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4: data sheet

Here you can find the technical data for Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4. You can easily compare size, weight and other properties with other products.

Screen diagonal 12.4 inches
Display type LCD
processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
random access memory 8 or 12GB
Dimensions 278.70 x 191.58 x 6.26mm
Internal memory 256 or 512GB
Weight 590 grams
Internal memory expandable? No
Number of speakers not specified
battery pack 10,000mAh
camera 50MP + 2MP
Front camera 32MP
LTE variant No
5G variant No
SIM card type
connections USB C
Control pen included in delivery No
Can be operated with a pen Yes
Keyboard included No
Keyboard connectable Yes
Graphics unit Qualcomm Adreno 740

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