Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro: a light strip with integrated microphone to follow the music

Now present in floor maintenance, cooking and even security, Xiaomi quickly developed its offer around the home, but surprisingly neglected lighting. For a long time, its catalog offered little more than a simple light bulb to fight against darkness, but the firm is now drawing the Smart Lightstrip Pro and thus strengthening its presence in this buoyant market, according to many. According to Leroy Merlin, lighting is even the first use of the connected home.

120 leds distributed over 2 meters long

Xiaomi’s Smart Lightstrip Pro is a light strip, or garland enclosed in a PVC tube. It consists of 120 LEDs spread over 2 meters, and Xiaomi has provided the possibility of connecting extensions to it. With a length of 1 meter, these should logically include 60 LEDs and connect directly to the end of the headband. An extension can also extend another extension, but Xiaomi specifies that the maximum length of a headband cannot exceed 5 meters, which is already a good length to express your creativity. Simple and corner clips are also provided to fix and shape the strip, which will find its place on a wall as well as on a piece of furniture.

The LEDs of the Smart Lightstrip Pro can make white or colored light and work in groups to offer different lighting on each 10 cm portion. A small integrated box between the headband and the power supply provides access to some direct controls, but also to connect it via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to control it from a smartphone and take advantage of all the features.

Light for resting, dancing or playing

Predefined mood modes are provided, in addition to dynamic effects to mix with colors. Up to 20 combinations can be saved. The Smart Lightstrip Pro also incorporates a microphone to follow music from any source and is also compatible with Razer Chroma RGB and Asus Aura Sync solutions for PC gamers. Some Xiaomi televisions also seem compatible for synchronization with films and series on the screen, but it is not known exactly which ones and no solution seems planned for models from other brands. For this use, it is therefore preferable to turn to solutions such as the Hue Play HDMI Sync Box from Philips, the AI ​​Gaming Sync Box from Govee or the Nanoleaf 4D system.

Xiaomi’s Smart Lightstrip Pro was officially launched at a price of €99.99 in France, but it is possible to obtain it for less in import, with the risks that this implies in terms of compatibility and warranty. It will take about thirty euros to extend it by one meter.

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