Xiaomi Truclean W10 Ultra Wet Dry Vacuum, for washing floors at high temperatures

On the home side, Xiaomi did not stop at its robot vacuum cleaner. The Chinese manufacturer also took advantage of its European conference to announce the launch of its Truclean W10 Ultra and Pro Dry Vacuum. These two new floor scrubbers complete the plethora of devices dedicated to floor maintenance at Xiaomi.

The Truclean W10 Ultra model is by far the most innovative since it introduces a new washing mode that heats the water in the tank to 75°C to clean floors thoroughly and sanitize them. This daring and promising solution is therefore halfway between that offered by floor cleaners (who rely on a mixture of water and detergent to wash with, as a bonus, the mechanical action of the rollers which brush the floor vigorously ) and that of steam cleaners that heat water to 100°C to sanitize all surfaces. But what about the danger caused by the heating of the water-detergent mixture? Interesting fact: we note that this device works on battery when the vast majority of steam cleaners are mains powered. Indeed, the batteries cannot necessarily support the heating of the water. So what will happen to the autonomy of this Truclean W10 Ultra (announced at 35 min) when it is asked to clean the floor at 75°C?

This floor cleaner therefore promises to vacuum (waste, dust and liquids), wash and scrub the floor. Sensors built into the brush allow the device to automatically adjust the cleaning power “depending on the amount of dust identified (…) whether it is a liquid or hair left by your dog”, without putting too much strain on the battery. The brush is tiltable at 90° to ensure a “perfect agility”, which we will not fail to check in the lab. The roller for its part occupies the entire width of the head and is therefore 25 cm.

The Truclean W10 Ultra Wet Dry comes with a charging station that also allows the roller to be cleaned at 55°C, which once again sets it apart from the competition. By washing the roller with hot water, then drying it, the chances of recovering an intact roller are higher than with a pre-rinsing system such as Kärcher, Dreame or Roborock. Finally, the recharging station bearing its name well, it should also be used to replenish the cleaner with water, and this in a completely automatic way. What relieve the user a little of this handling.

The Xiaomi Truclean W10 Ultra Wet Dry Vacuum is available at €800, while the W10 Pro Wet Dry model, without the “heating” function and the automatic charging station, is sold at €600.

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