Xiaomi Trueclean W10 Ultra: All-in-one wet and dry vacuum cleaner on Amazon


Amazon is currently offering the Xiaomi Trueclean W10 Ultra at a reduced price. The versatile device can vacuum, wipe and wash out.

The Xiaomi Trueclean W10 Ultra is available at a significantly reduced price from Amazon. (Source: Xiaomi)

With the Xiaomi Trueclean W10 Ultra you can get a real all-in-one cleaning solution for a good price in the current offer from Amazon.

Because it can not only vacuum, but also mop at up to 75 degrees, intelligently detecting stains and adjusting the amount of water and suction power. At the same time, it cleans itself.

Up to 3 liters of water can be automatically heated in the cleaning station. Additional hot air drying of the vacuum cleaner also takes place here, which avoids odors and mold formation.

Xiaomi Trueclean W10 Ultra
  • Suction, wipe and wash functions

  • 75 degrees high temperature cleaning mode

  • Automatic self-cleaning during use

  • Intelligent stain detection

You currently pay 549 euros on Amazon for the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. A strong deal, because the device is currently not available from most retailers for less than 700 euros.

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