Xiaomi’s electric pump on sale is ideal for reinflating a flat tire

[Deal du jour] The Xiaomi 1S portable compressor can re-inflate bike or scooter wheels, or check car tire pressure. Inflation is quick and the pump is easy to slip into a bag to take anywhere. It is currently on sale.

What is the promotion on the Xiaomi 1S portable compressor?

The Xiaomi pump is normally sold for €59.99. It is currently offered at the price of €39.99 on the official Xiaomi website and at the price of €39.90 at Boulanger.

What is this portable electric air pump?

The Xiaomi 1S portable compressor is a compact electric air pump, despite weighing 480 g. With its dimensions of 124 × 71 × 45.3 mm, it fits easily into a backpack or the trunk of a scooter. A fabric carrying pouch is even provided to store it neatly. Among the accessories, you will also find three adapters, useful for inflating all types of wheels, and balloons.

The Xiaomi pump is a simple to use device. Simply attach the correct tip and press the dedicated inflation button. Once the pressure preset by the pump is reached, inflation stops. Five inflation modes are present, and each has its predefined air pressure values, depending on the type of objects to be inflated. The battery allows you to inflate several bicycle, motorcycle or even car tires. For the latter, inflation is just for troubleshooting, while you take the time to get to the nearest service station, where you will carry out real inflation.

  the Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump 1S // Source: Xiaomi
The Xiaomi 1S portable compressor // Source: Xiaomi

Is this compressor from Xiaomi a good deal?

This is a good deal if two wheels are your main means of transport. Xiaomi’s portable compressor does a great job of inflating bikes, scooters and scooters, and checking the pressure of your car wheel. Inflating a bike tire takes about two minutes, and you could theoretically inflate up to eight bike tires on a single charge.

Its 14.8 Wh battery recharges in 3 hours, via a Type-C port. Little extra: it has LED lighting for use at night or in a garage.

To go with the pump

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