Xilam Animation: start of production of its new adventure comedy – 05/21/2024 at 6:02 p.m.

(AOF) – Xilam Animation, an independent production and distribution company for animated programs, has put Submarine Jim, its brand new adventure comedy, into production following the signing of the first pre-sales with European broadcasters France Télévisions and Super RTL (Germany). The 2D animated series of 52 11-minute episodes, aimed at children aged 6 to 9, should be delivered in the second quarter of 2026. Submarine Jim is the latest creation from Fréderic Martin, director of successful comedies such as Furiki Wheels, or from the Oggy Oggy preschool series.


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Artificial intelligence, threat or opportunity for professional and specialized press publishers?

After having fought for the tech giants to pay them for related rights, press publishers are worried about the use of their data for the benefit of artificial intelligence (AI). Generative AI feeds on information it finds on the internet, including that from the media. The latter can, however, prevent the use of their data by an AI thanks to the 2019 European directive and its translation into French law, which governs the search for texts and data. However, this remains theoretical. In the meantime, certain specialized players in the publishing world are working to reassure investors after the loss of value on the stock market of certain companies. Thus professional information specialists, or publishers of academic publications, such as RELX, Pearson or Wolters Kluwer are multiplying reassuring messages and presenting AI more as an opportunity than a threat by emphasizing that they themselves use AI. ‘AI. Analysts generally remain confident in these specialized publishing players because their strong asset is based on the reliability of the information they transmit, which is still far from being the case for AI. For now…

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