Yammbits from "Die Höhle der Löwen" in the BRIGITTE test

Do delicious nibbles and healthy snacks contradict each other? The Yammbits Fruit Balls from "Die Höhle der Löwen" want to combine both. Did you succeed?

If a little chicken comes up, we like to grab a snack. Instead of the apple, we'd rather grab a candy bar, right? Julian Berhang and Elena Sarri-Berhang want to change that …

Yammbits: A sweet snack for on the go

Clever nibbling – is that possible? The founding couple Julian Berhang and Elena Sarri-Berhang wanted a fruity snack that fits into their hectic everyday life with small children. So they developed in their parental leave Yammbits: The praline-like fruit balls do not contain added granulated sugar. The sweetness comes exclusively from the fruit; instead of palm oil, cashew butter is used in the balls.

With Yammbits we wanted to develop an organic quality snack that is perfect for on the go and fits into every day life. It motivates us to do the best for our family and our company every day.

, so the two founders Julian Berhang and Elena Sarri-Berhang. The healthy snack for on the go could be in "The lion's den" convince Ralf Dümmel. Read here whether he was also able to inspire the BRIGITTE editorial team.

The Yammbits in the BRIGITTE test

Isabel Möller: "First of all: I am a passionate foodie. I love good, healthy food and avoid refined sugar as much as possible. That's why I feel like I'm always looking for the next healthy snack. Yammbits' Fruit Balls came in handy. I've tried loads of similar sweets and, with a few exceptions, I like them very much. From a purely visual point of view, the Yammbits Fruit Balls do not differ that much from comparable fruit balls. The only difference: the individual balls are smaller and similar to pralines packed in a box. In terms of taste, the Fruit Balls are without a doubt delicious, but they didn't knock me off my stool. I was expecting something more innovative. Most of all the kindExciting apricot mango'Convince, but to be honest, I've eaten much better and cheaper fruit balls. The 'Cool Coconut-Aronia' variety in particular was much too dry for me personally and had a meaningless taste. Pity! My conclusion: You can do it, but you don't have to."

Janine Duration: "When I held the three varieties in my hands for the first time, I immediately had a favorite: the coconut-aronia-fruit balls. I love coconut, especially in my muesli and in and on energy balls. The coconut taste is rather subtle here, as is the degree of sweetness. With the variety 'Galactic Pomegranate-Cassis-Raspberry' I had the expectation that a squeaky sweet mass would pull my teeth out – which luckily was not quite fulfilled. It tastes fruity-sweet and is definitely the one with the most intense taste of all three. The third in the group, the 'Exciting Apricot-Mango', is dominated by the mango note, which as a mango fan, of course, I don't find bad at all. The good thing about the snacks is that I can quickly satisfy my appetite for something sweet with just a few fruit balls, so I don't mess up tons of sweets! My conclusion: I like all three, with each other coconut actually turned out to be a favorite, because they are not as extremely sweet as with other manufacturers and I find the small snack portion much more pleasant than with other purchased energy balls."

The three varieties: apricot-mango on the left, pomegranate-cassis-raspberry in the middle and coconut-aronia on the right.
© Janine Dauer / Brigitteonline

Friederike Dejan: "Hand on heart – I just need my snacks in the afternoon. However, I usually try to use healthy alternatives. They're not always tasty though … That's why I was immediately interested in the Yammbits. The fruit balls are date-based – and you can taste that too. It doesn't bother me at all, but the date flavor comes through very strongly. My favorite is definitely the mango variety, simply fruity and something different. The other two types don't taste that good in my opinion. Sure, this type of snack is nothing new in and of itself, but for me it definitely ends up in the desk drawer."

The facts about Yammbits at a glance

  • No added sugar
  • Organic quality
  • without palm oil
  • Vegan
  • Free from lactose and gluten
  • Packaging tray made from 80 percent recycled material
  • 9 balls (70 grams) per pack available for 2.99 euros

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