Yanis Marshall curtly cropped by Michael Goldman, he does not hide his exasperation

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During the evaluation of the students, Yanis Marshall was very excited by the performance of Enola, too much for Michael Goldman, who cropped it curtly.

They are only five candidates left to be able to win the new season of Star Academy. This Saturday evening during the prime, we will already have the right to the semi-finals of the show. A bonus that will be animated once again by Nikos despite his fall last week. The season is therefore coming to an end soon and this week, during the daily, the evaluation tests took place. Each student had to pass in front of the teachers and propose a song of their choice before interpreting it in their own way. They also had to prepare a free performance, theatrical, dance, or even a poem to tell the way they perceived their adventure.

Director Michael Goldman notably insisted on the fact that they expected candidates to deliver a service that reflects their image. The challenge of this test? A place in the final without going through elimination this weekend. Several candidates stood out and in particular Enola. The young woman dazzled the teachers during her performance by singing on a very difficult title by Barbra Streisand before embarking on the reading of a poem written by him. Yanis Marshall could not contain his excitement at the end of his passage, going so far as to applaud the singer.

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Yanis Marshall did not hide his annoyance

Michael Goldman did not like the attitude of his friend who congratulated Enola a little too much for his taste. This first hastened to cut short the dancer’s encouragement by dropping him a very frank “shh”. Offended by this reframing, Yanis Marshall then rolled her eyes to indicate her exasperation. Despite her remarkable performance, Enola was not chosen by the jury, who preferred the show proposed by Leo.

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