Yanis Marshall very well paid? The Star Ac dance teacher reveals his “two salaries”

New Star Academy dance teacher on TF1, Yanis Marshall also has a second job on the show, thanks to which he receives “two salaries”, as he revealed on Saturday October 22, 2022 in Le Parisien.

Emblematic program of the early 2000s on TF1, the Star Academy has revealed many talents over the years, such as Jenifer, Nolwenn Leroy, Elodie Frégé, Sofia Essaïdi, or even the late Grégory Lemarchal. If the évèles were of course the stars of the program, the teachers have also established themselves as cult characters in tele-hook. Star Academy fans still remember Oscar Sisto, Raphaëlle Ricci, but especially Kamel Ouali. On the occasion of the brand new season of the show launched since Saturday October 15, 2022 on TF1, the production of the tele-hook brought together 13 young apprentice singers, as well as a new team of teachers.

Among the various members of this new faculty, TF1 viewers were able to discover the one who succeeded the emblematic Kamel Ouali in the role of the dance teacher: Yanis Marshall. The 32-year-old had already made a name for himself before the show by dancing in heels. Within this new edition of the Star Academy, Yanis Marshall does not count his hours, since he combines two activities in parallel. In fact, when he is not giving lessons to students near the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, the chroreographer is rehearsing with his dancers on the prime stage. “I’ve never worked so hard in my life. Unlike my colleagues, I have two jobs on the show… but also two decent salaries!“, explained Yanis Marshall, in an interview granted to the Parisian Saturday October 22, 2022.

Yanis Marshall: ‘I don’t believe in anything but Madonna, but the timing did it right’

If the choreographer finally agreed to join the ranks of Star Academy, however, he could have participated in another essential TF1 program instead. Indeed, the production of Dancing with the stars wanted to meet him in order to engage him within the jury. Yanis Marshall received the proposals from the producers of the two shows on the first channel one day apart. After going through all the casting stages of Dancing with the Stars, her choice was not very difficult, because the production of the dance competition did not “never called back“, he claimed. “I’m very happy today. I don’t believe in nothing but Madonna, but the timing made it right“, underlined the choreographer.

As a huge Star Academy fan, Yanis Marshall gives body and soul to the program since his recruitment. “The kids no longer listen to Lorie but to Rihanna. We have to make things happen, damn it!“, he said, while acknowledging that he is very demanding of the students. However, it can sometimes happen to him to split the armor, like when he literally burst into tears over Anisha and Louis’ first reviews. “I was very tired. And it struck a chord with me. But that’s how I am: you see me laughing, crying, living, getting angry… There are no half measures with me. And it will take some getting used to!“, he explained.

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