Yann Barthès, Camille Combal, Arthur… Cyril Hanouna gives his opinion on the personalities of the PAF

Europe 1

Cyril Hanouna was the guest of “Culture Médias” this Monday morning on Europe 1. At the microphone of Jean-Pierre Foucault, the host of “TPMP” gave his opinion on different personalities of the PAF, including Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, Camille Combal, Karine Lemarchand but also Yann Barthès.

What does Cyril Hanouna think of the different personalities of the PAF? Guest of Culture Media this Monday morning on Europe 1, the host of TPMP was questioned by Jean-Pierre Foucault about his sisters and brothers on the small screen.

“Arthur has a very good career”

“I give you the name of a host or journalist and you give me a quality that characterizes this person,” Jean-Pierre Foucault initially told him. Response from Cyril Hanouna? “I’ll try to be nice.” The PAF star was initially. “Arthur, it’s a great career,” he assured before talking about Michel Cymes: “Like him, I don’t understand why The Health Magazine stop”.

Cyril Hanouna was then complimentary to Camille Combal, who started his career in TPMP before becoming a leading personality on TF1: “Camille is a huge talent. I am happy to have contributed to his being better known than before”. Asked about Bertrand Chameroy, Cyril Hanouna did not succeed in finding a quality in him: “Traitor”, he only assured, accusing the comedian of having “spit in the soup”. “I don’t like people who are not grateful,” he said on Europe 1.

“Yann Barthès, it’s Jeff Panacloc”

Cyril Hanouna then had to speak about his rival Yann Barthès, at the helm of the talk show Daily. “Yann Barthès for me is nothing. I saw him at the commission, it’s nothing. It’s Jeff Panacloc”, he tackled before giving his opinion on Jean-Michel Apathy. “He represents something unlike Yann Barthès but I would say monomaniacal”. “A few were dressed for spring,” concluded Jean-Pierre Foucault with a laugh.

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