YB-Motor Michel Aebischer before the Champions League hit at Villarreal

Michel Aebischer, what’s wrong with YB?
Michel Aebischer: Nothing bad. It is a difficult phase in which the results are not perfect and neither are the performances. But there are always more negative phases, as we have seen again and again in the last few seasons. We try to get out of this. And we will get out of this too.

Villarreal is in a similar crisis of results: only one win from the last five games. Does an opponent come at the right time with these problems – or is it a stupid moment?
It is in the nature of things that our opponents in the Champions League are superior to YB on paper, regardless of whether a team has a negative streak or not. There is no good or bad time. I don’t know if it would have been better if Villarreal had won five straight wins. Barely …

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