Yeliz Koc is losing a lot of blood on her period from aspirin


For the first time since her pregnancy and the subsequent wearing of a contraceptive ring, the influencer got her period. But a painkiller was her undoing.

Yeliz Koc talks on Instagram about her “stupid mistake” of taking two aspirins while she is on her period.

20 minutes / Instagram

  • After about a year, Yeliz Koc (28) has got her period again.

  • Because of her pregnancy with little daughter Snow and the subsequent contraceptive ring, this did not happen.

  • Two days ago she removed the contraception due to nausea and promptly had her menstrual period, as well as a headache.

  • The two painkillers that she took were her undoing.

  • “You shouldn’t take aspirin because it thins your blood when you have your days,” says Yeliz on Instagram.

‘You guys don’t believe it. It’s a typical Yeliz action again. Perhaps you have experience with it and can help me there, ”the influencer begins her Instagram story, in which the 28-year-old shows herself in the bed of her accommodation in Sri Lanka, where she is actually enjoying vacation. She hadn’t had her days for about a year. The reason for this was her pregnancy with little daughter Snow and a contraceptive ring that she wore afterwards.

“It made me feel sick, so I removed it and knew that I would get my days soon,” says Yelic Koc. That was the case, followed by a bad headache. She then took two aspirins for the pain – a “stupid mistake”, as she admits. “I’m bleeding like I’ve been stabbed. So very, very, very, very bad, ”she reports.

And further: “When I get up, it’s just like water. I’ve lost so much blood. How stupid, you shouldn’t take aspirin because it thins your blood when you have your days. ” Now she has to rest and lie down first, “not that I get circulatory and overturn because I’m losing so much blood”, Yeliz smiles at the camera despite everything – and adds: “The vacation couldn’t be better being.”

Better hot water bottles and exercise

Aspirin is mostly used for mild to moderately severe pain such as headache, muscle and joint pain, fever or inflammation, according to the official website of the drug. “It’s an anti-platelet agent, so it prevents platelets from clumping together. This has to do with the acetyl from acetylsalicylic acid – ASA for short, “writes

According to, ASA inhibits blood clotting and thus increases blood loss. This effect could last about a week with one tablet. Opposite the website, Christian Albring from the professional association of gynecologists advises women with heavy menstrual bleeding not to take drugs with ASA during menstruation. Instead, one should rather use heating pads or hot water bottles, which relax the muscles of the uterus. Physical exercise also helps many women to relieve pain or even prevent it.

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